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Start a Child Care Program

We Provide All of The Services and Resources You’ll Need To Start your Own Business

We Provide the Pre-Licensing Help and Resources Needed to Open and Operate a Certified/ Licensed child care. We are here to Assist You in  Becoming a Regulated Child Care Provider from Start to Finish. We Also provide assistance with Writing policies, contracts and Setting up Your Business Structure and More.

            Types of       
Child Care Programs

Certified Family

Child Care:

Certification is a voluntary form of regulation for individuals who care for 1 to 3 children under age 7. A certified family provider can care for a maximum of 6 children, with no more than 3 under the age of 7.

Licensed Family

Child Care:

A licensed family provider can care for a maximum of 4 to 8 children, depending on the children's ages. This care is usually offered inside the child care provider’s home. Children of all ages can be cared for in the same space.

Licensed Group

Child Care:

Group child care programs care for 9 or more children. Their maximum size is determined by the space available in the care environment. This care usually takes place in a commercial building specifically used for child care.

Book a Free Consultation

We will discuss how we can help you achieve your your goal of becoming a Regulated Child Care Provider. Also, if you are just looking for help starting a business we are here to assist with that as well.

*A consultation is required for all clients*

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